How long will it take to repair or replace my windshield?

The total time depends on the make and model of your vehicle, but most services can be completed in about an hour. We can often provide same-day mobile service.

When can I drive my car again?

In most cases, your car will be safe to drive in about 3 hours. It’s important to ask your technician about the safe drive-away time for your specific vehicle and auto glass repair service.

Can I have my windshield repaired instead of replacing it?

The lower cost makes windshield repair something to consider before committing to replacement. Most small dings and chips can be repaired. Whenever circumstances allow, we are happy to provide auto glass repair services. It’s important to understand that your windshield is very important to the safety and structural integrity of your vehicle. If the damage is too extensive or blocks your line of vision, we will recommend windshield replacement.

Do I have to be present at my vehicle when the technician comes?

You won’t need to wait with your vehicle. Just make sure your technician has access to your keys.

Do I need to worry about my car being damaged during my auto glass repair or windshield replacement?

You can trust your vehicle to our experienced technicians. We’re fully insured and take all necessary precautions. The risk of damage to your car is extremely low.

I have the piece of glass my car needs. Can you install it for me?

No. Both our insurance and our warranty require our auto glass shops to obtain all replacement windshields and auto glass directly from the manufacturer or authorized distributor.

It’s not advisable to replace a windshield yourself. This may seem like a good way to save on your windshield replacement cost, but the price of windshield repair and replacement includes quality materials and the safety expertise of a licensed professional. Try to save money by researching windshield repair and replacement prices, not by undertaking dangerous do-it-yourself projects.

Can you sell me the glass to do an installation myself?

Sorry, we can’t do this either. We’re a full-service auto glass repair & replacement provider. Again, the overall cost of a bad windshield replacement can far exceed our professional windshield replacement price.