Insurance Companies

We understand the need for expedience and quick, reliable service in today’s fast paced daily life. That is the reason Precision Auto Glass operates a high efficiency software package and hardware system encouraged through all Insurance providers to streamline the entire glass claims process.

We use an E.D.I. (Electronic Data Interchange) program which shortens phone interaction between your insureds and the networks. This is accomplished through all information being delivered electronically, thus creating less need for any undue time for your insured to participate in the three-way call system of the past. 

Network Approved

If your Insurance company provides Auto Glass claims services through a First Notice of Loss Network provider, Call Precision First and we can expedite your claim by avoiding much of the wait time when contacting a large, out of town call center. We are approved through all Insurance providers.

Full Warranty

Here at Precision, our technicians are confident in their work, so confident that we offer a lifetime warranty. Not only do we offer a warranty against leakage for as long as you own your vehicle, we also offer warranty against all manufacturers defects for as long as you own your vehicle! 

Local Call Center

All calls and coordination of your service will be provided by friendly, local employees. Our  knowledge of our area as opposed to out of town call centers is invaluable. We know the Landmarks, the roads and the area providing for an easier experience in scheduling.