Your Technician Prepares

Prior to your appointment, our technician evaluates your vehicle and stocks his or her truck with the appropriate glass, urethane, and other equipment your vehicle might require. If a replacement is needed, you won’t experience any extra wait time.

The Broken Windshield is Removed

The broken windshield, any attached hardware, and old adhesive are carefully removed. Then the area around the windshield is cleaned and inspected to ensure safe installation. Rust and other hidden problems can jeopardize the long-term integrity of the replacement, so this is a very important step.

The New Windshield is Installed

Next the technician primes the new windshield and applies the urethane that will hold it in place. This special adhesive creates a bond between the glass and the body of the car. It must be applied properly and selected specifically for the make and model of your vehicle. The new windshield is then guided carefully into place.

Quality is Assured

With the new windshield in place, your auto glass technician will inspect the installation for any issues with the urethane seal. Once that’s finished, all other necessary hardware is secured, and the process is complete.